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Chinese translation from Modern English to Chinese dictionary online for the word Sheep:Hear the English word audio
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Close Match and Related Words
sheep vault/ swan vault 跪騰越
black sheep 害群之马
blue sheep 岩羊
coarse-wooled sheep 粗毛羊
亡羊補牢 亡羊补牢 wang yang bu lao ; lit . to mend the pen after sheep are lost (idiom) ; fig . to act belatedly ; better late than never ; to lock the stable door after the horse has bolted ;
咩 咩 mie ; the bleating of sheep ; final particle which transforms statements into questions that indicate doubt or surprise (Cantonese) ;
垟 垟 yang ; clay sheep buried with the dead ;
多利 多利 Duo li ; Dolly the sheep ;
害群之馬 害群之马 hai qun zhi ma ; lit . the black horse of the herd (idiom) ; fig . trouble-maker ; the black sheep of the family ;
害馬 害马 hai ma ; lit . the black horse of the herd ; fig . trouble-maker ; the black sheep of the family ;
攘羊 攘羊 rang yang ; to take home sb else's stray sheep ;
放羊 放羊 fang yang ; to tend a flock of sheep ; to let sheep out to pasture ; fig . to throw off the reins ; to leave sb alone ; acting freely and irresponsibly ;
未 未 wei ; not yet ; did not ; have not ; not ; 8th earthly branch: - p .m. , 6th solar month (7th July-6th August) , year of the Sheep ;
棧 栈 zhan ; a wooden or bamboo pen for sheep or cattle ; wood or bamboo trestlework ; a warehouse ;
樂羊羊 乐羊羊 le yang yang ; Happy sheep (group of five cartoon sheep) , mascot of 00 Guangzhou Asian games 廣州亞運會|广州亚运会 ;

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