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Punjabi translation from Modern English to Punjabi dictionary online for the word Stick:Hear the English word audio
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Close Match and Related Words
Sticking of bills is prohibited : ਇਸ਼ਤਿਹਾਰ ਲਾਉਣਾ ਮਨ੍ਹਾ ਹੈ
Sticking, Bills : ਇਸ਼ਤਿਹਾਰ ਲਾਉਣਾ
Sticky : ਲੇਸਲਾ, ਚਿਪਕਵਾਂ; ਚਿਪਚਿਪਾ
AṚKṈÁ ਅਡ਼ਕਣਾ Corrupted from the Hindì word , Aṭkṉá . To be stopped , to be prevented , to adhere , to stick , to stop ; to stay , to delay ; to spell one's words ; to be unable to read fluently .
AṚṈÁ ਅਡ਼ਣਾ To stop , to stick fast , to baulk .
AṬAKṈÁ ਅਟਕਣਾ To be stopped ; to be prevented , to adhere , to stick in the throat ; to be unable to read fluently ; unrealized , (money) ; to draw one's attention .
BÁGAṚ ਬਾਗਡ਼ , The notch at the end of an arrow that fits on the bow string , a notch at the end of a stick , or pole ; the name of a district in Bikaner .
BÁNS ਬਾਂਸ A bamboo , a rod:—báṇs te chaṛháuṉá , To stick or raise up on a bamboo ; (met .) to hold up to ridicule , infamy , to disgrace:—báṇs te chaṛhṉá , To climb up on a bamboo ; (met .) to be held up to ridicule or infamy , to get a bad name , to be n
BARÁGAṈ ਬਰਾਗਣ Corrupted from the Sanskrit word Vairágan . A female of the Birágí class ; a Birágí's staff or crutch , a small crooked stick having two ear-like projections on the top .
BELṈÁ ਬੇਲਣਾ A sugar mill ; a machine for seeding cotton ; a rolling pin ; a small roller for rolling flour into a cake (roṭí) ; the stick (also called ḍherní) with which the hand of a bridegroom is struck as a part of a marriage ceremony ;—v . To press (s
CHAMBAṚNÁ ਚਮਬਡ਼ਨਾ To cling to ; to be pasted , gummed , or glued on to persecute ; to have sexual intercourse with , to make an indecent assault upon ; to clasp , to embrace , to stick to ; to charge falsely .
CHAMMAṚNÁ ਚਮੱਡ਼ਨਾ To stick to , to adhere to ; Chimmaṛná . See Chamaṛná .
CHAPṬÍ ਚਪਟੀ (1 .) A manual- stick , guiding rod or ruler used by artists . (2 .) Any small thin flat slip of wood , joined to an another and larger piece , e . g . a thin slip attached to loose fitting door or window , to make it close properly , or to fi
CHAUPAHIL ਚੌਪਹਿਲ Four sided , spoken of inanimate things , i . e . , a bottle , pillar , stick , timber .
CHAUPAHILU ਚੌਪਹਿਲੂ Four sided , spoken of inanimate things , i . e . , a bottle , pillar , stick , timber .

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