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Nuncuprative will : ਜ਼ਬਾਨੀ ਵਸੀਅਤ
ĀṆCH ਆਂਚ Flame , glare , blaze , flash ; heat , warmth , fire ; mater- nal affection , passion , lust ; difficulty , trial:—sáṇch núṇ koí áṇch nahíṇ . Fire toucheth not (has no effect upon) truth , truth has nothing to fear .
AṆḌHÁR ਅੰਧਾਰ Darkness , hence tyranny , misrule:—aṇdhár piyá sarkár núṇ jo chor badhe kutwál núṇ . Blindness has fallen on the Sarkár when it is the thief that arrests the Kotwál .—Prov . used to signify a gross perver sion of justice ; Aṇdhkár .
ANNHÁ ਅਨਾੱ Corrupted from the Hindì word Aṇdhá . A blind man:—annhá waṇḍe shírní muṛ ghiṛ ápneáṇ núṇ de . A blind man distributes , sweet- meats and gives over and over again to his own relatives and acquaintances .—Prov . used of a man who shows partiali
AṈSUNYÁṆ ਅਣਸੁਨਯਾਂ Those persons that might not have heard of a thing before:—Aṉsunyáṇ núṇ kioṇ sunáoṇdá phirdá haiṇ . Why do you go hither and thither telling the thing to those persons who might not have heard it before .
AṚÁWAṈ ਅਡ਼ਾਵਣ To stop , to arrest , to entangle:—garíb de bál núṇ aṛáwaṉ lage haiṇ . They began to entangle the poor man's son .
BAKHT ਬਖਤ Corrupted from the Arabic word Vagt . Time:— Lot , fortune , good fortune , luck ; (ironically) misfortune , calamity ;—Bakht núṇ phaṛi- yá , To be in great trouble: paiṉá ; Vakht .
BAṆG ਬੰਗ An ornament worn on the wrists , made of glase or lac ; a bracelet ; a small curved are used in making an oil press ; a stannic preparation taken internally as a tonic or aphro- disiac:—ghoṛe núṇ taṇg , mard núṇ baṇg . For a horse a tight girth ,
BHAṬKDÁ ਭਟਕਦਾ Wandering , going astray ; deviating from the right path ; longing for , wandering after:—bhaṭkdá dá phirná , See Bhaṭkṉá:—merá jí lassí núṇ bhatkdá hai . I have a longing desire for buttermilk:—keuṇ bhaṭkdá phirdá haiṇ , jo kuchh nasíbáṇ dá
BHAṬṬH ਭਠੱ A grain parcher's oven ; a furnace , a kiln:—bhaṭṭh pai oh soná jehṛá kannáṇ núṇ gále . Golden ear-rings that pain the ear , or cut the flesh , should be thrown into a furnace .—Prov . used of anything which , though precious , pains the wearer
BHUṆḌ ਭੂੰਡ A wasp ; a beetle that burrows in dung ; a yellow marked bumble bee:—Kábalí bhúṇḍ , A blue coloured wasp:—bhúṇḍáṇ dí khakkhar núṇ chheṛṉá , To stir up a wasp's nest ; met . to stir up evil , to fight with rascals .
BHUṆGGṈÁ ਭੁੰਗੱਣਾ To sponge upon , to gain from by mean tricks (used only in the participal form):—oh ápneáṇ mitṭráṇ núṇ bhuṇg bhuṇg ke kháṇdá hai . He lives on what he can squeeze out of his friends .
BHUṬÁUṈÁ ਭੁਟਾਉਣਾ To cause to be deceived or wheedled , to suffer one's self to be wheedled:—maiṇ us te ápne áp núṇ bhuṭáuṇdá rehá . I continued to be deceived by him .
DEU ਦੇਉ Corrupted from the Sanskrit word Dev . A god , a deity ; a demon , an evil spirit ;—deu báṉí , The language of the gods , Sanskrit:—deu dáno , A demon:—deu lok , The world of the gods , the Hindu Heaven:—deu lok núṇ jáṉá , To be translated to the
GADHÁ ਗਧਾ Corruption of the Sanskrit word Gardhab . An ass , a donkey ; met . a fool , a stupid , simple- ton:—Arákí núṇ sainat gadhe núṇ soṭṭá . A hint is enought to an Arákí horse , but a stick for a donkey , i . e . , a hint is enough for a wise man an

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