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ÁP ਆਪ Self , one's self , itself ; he , himself ; you , yourself ; they , them- selves:—áp bhalá jagg bhalá . Good yourself , the world is good ;—áp mare jogg parlo . When I am dead the world to me is dead ;—s . Selfishness , egotism:—áp bítí , That which
AṚÁWAṈ ਅਡ਼ਾਵਣ To stop , to arrest , to entangle:—garíb de bál núṇ aṛáwaṉ lage haiṇ . They began to entangle the poor man's son .
ÁSAṈ ਆਸਣ A stool , seat , a woollen rug on which Hindus sit to perform their devotions , or to take their food ; posture , attitude , sitting , particularly the attitudes used by jogís in their devotional exercises , of which they enumerate eighty four ;
BAIRÁGAṈ ਬੈਰਾਗਣ The wife of a Bairágí ; a small cross-shaped wooden instrument , or a piece of iron , which Bairágís and other faqírs place under the armpit to lean upon as they sit in contemplation .
BAISAṆTAR ਬੈਸੰਤ੍ਰ Fire:—baisaṇ- tar devtá ghar lagge táṇ jáppe or jáne . One knows the power of fire only when it burns one's own house .—Prov . used of persons who are altogether indifferent to the distress of others , and realise it only when they thems
BARAHM ਬਰਹਮ Corrupted from the Sanskrit word Brahma . The Supreme Being ; the all-pervading , the self-existent , the absolute ; the divine cause and essence of the world , from which all things are supposed to proceed , and to which they return:—barahm b
BAURÍÁ ਬੌਰੀਆ A low caste of people notorious for theft . They generally use Baur for catching animals .
BHARÁÍ ਭਰਾਈ A case of Mu- hammadans whose profession is to beat drums and play fiddles , and sing songs (generally in praise of the Pír of Nugáhá .) as they go begging ; a man belonging to that caste ; a drummer ; a devotee in charge of a shrine or tomb ;
BHATT ਭਤੱ Boiled rice:—paháṛí mitt kiske bhatt kháe te khiske . With whom do the hill folk have friendship? whenever they have eaten one's cooked rice away they go!—Prov . used of those who never come near a person after they attain their object .
BHOJKÍ ਭੋਜਕੀ The priests who officiate and receive the offering at the shrine of Deví , especially at Kangra and Jowalamukhi . They profess to be Brahmins , but this is not certain .
BURKÁ ਬੁਰਕਾ (From the Arabic word Burqá .) A veil covering the entire person and furnished with eyeholes (worn by Muhammadan women mostly when they go abroad .)
CHABHAIL ਚਭੈਲ A tribe who live on the banks of Káhnuwán lake in the Gurdaspur district ; they snare wild fowl , catch fish and prefer these pursuits to agriculture .
CHABHEL ਚਭੇਲ A tribe who live on the banks of Káhnuwán lake in the Gurdaspur district ; they snare wild fowl , catch fish and prefer these pursuits to agriculture .
CHAṆDAR ਚੰਦਰ The moon:—Chaṇdar baṉsí , The face of the moon ; the lunar race of kings ; the second great line of Kshatriya dynasties in India . This lunar race of kings reigned at Has- tinapura (Dehli) ; they claimed descent from Soma (the moon) the child
CHAṆGGAṚ ਚੰਗੱਡ਼ The name of a low caste ; a man of that caste , whose profession is to winnow threshing grain . They are Gypsies ; and their name recalls the term Zingari applied to the Gypsies of Europe ;—a . See Chaṇggá .

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