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Below are a few basic words which are taken from Tamili, the Modern Online Tamil Dictionary for browsing.

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a, able, about, account, acid, across, act, addition, adjustment, advertisement, agreement, after, again, against, air, all, almost, among, amount, amusement, and, angle, angry, animal, answer, ant, any, apparatus, apple, approval, arch, argument, arm, army, art, as, at, attack, attempt, attention, attraction, authority, automatic, awake


baby, back, bad, bag, balance, ball, band, base, basin, basket, bath, be, beautiful, because, bed, bee, before, behavior, belief, bell, bent, berry, between, bird, birth, bit, bite, bitter, black, blade, blood, blow, blue, board, boat, body, boiling, bone, book, boot, bottle, box, boy, brain, brake, branch, brass, bread, breath, brick, bridge, bright, broken, brother, brown, brush, bucket, building, bulb, burn, burst, business, but, butter, button, by


cake, camera, canvas, card, care, carriage, cart, cat, cause, certain, chain, chalk, chance, change, cheap, cheese, chemical, chest, chief, chin, church, circle, clean, clear, clock, cloth, cloud, coal, coat, cold, collar, color, comb, come, comfort, committee, common, company, comparison, competition, complete, complex, condition, connection, conscious, control, cook, copper, copy, cord, cork, cotton, cough, country, cover, cow, crack, credit, crime, cruel, crush, cry, cup, current, curtain, curve, cushion, cut


damage, danger, dark, daughter, day, dead, dear, death, debt, decision, deep, degree, delicate, dependent, design, desire, destruction, detail, development, different, digestion, direction, dirty, discovery, discussion, disease, disgust, distance, distribution, division, do, dog, door, down, doubt, drain, drawer, dress, drink, driving, drop, dry, dust


ear, early, earth, east, edge, education, effect, egg, elastic, electric, end, engine, enough, equal, error, even, event, ever, every, example, exchange, existence, expansion, experience, expert, eye


face, fact, fall, false, family, far, farm, fat, father, fear, feather, feeble, feeling, female, fertile, fiction, field, fight, finger, fire, first, fish, fixed, flag, flame, flat, flight, floor, flower, fly, fold, food, foolish, foot, for, force, fork, form, forward, fowl, frame, free, frequent, friend, from, front, fruit, full, future


garden, general, get, girl, give, glass, glove, go, goat, gold, good, government, grain, grass, great, green, grey/gray, grip, group, growth, guide, gun


hair, hammer, hand, hanging, happy, harbor, hard, harmony, hat, hate, have, he, head, healthy, hearing, heart, heat, help, here, high, history, hole, hollow, hook, hope, horn, horse, hospital, hour, house, how, humor


I, ice, idea, if, ill, important, impulse, in, increase, industry, ink, insect, instrument, insurance, interest, invention, iron, island


jelly, jewel, join, journey, judge, jump


keep, kettle, key, kick, kind, kiss, knee, knife, knot, knowledge


land, language, last, late, laugh, law, lead, leaf, learning, leather, left, leg, let, letter, level, library, lift, light, like, limit, line, linen, lip, liquid, list, little (less, least), living, lock, long, look, loose, loss, loud, love, low


machine, make, male, man, manager, map, mark, market, married, match, material, mass, may, meal, measure, meat, medical, meeting, memory, metal, middle, military, milk, mind, mine, minute, mist, mixed, money, monkey, month, moon, morning, mother, motion, mountain, mouth, move, much (more, most), muscle, music


nail, name, narrow, nation, natural, near, necessary, neck, need, needle, nerve, net, new, news, night, no, noise, normal, north, nose, not, note, now, number, nut


observation, of, off, offer, office, oil, old, on, only, open, operation, opposite, opinion, other, or, orange, order, organization, ornament, out, oven, over, owner


page, pain, paint, paper, parallel, parcel, part, past, paste, payment, peace, pen, pencil, person, physical, picture, pig, pin, pipe, place, plane, plant, plate, play, please, pleasure, plough/plow, pocket, point, poison, polish, political, poor, porter, position, possible, pot, potato, powder, power, present, price, print, prison, private, probable, process, produce, profit, property, prose, protest, public, pull, pump, punishment, purpose, push, put


quality, question, quick, quiet, quite


rail, rain, range, rat, rate, ray, reaction, red, reading, ready, reason, receipt, record, regret, regular, relation, religion, representative, request, respect, responsible, rest, reward, rhythm, rice, right, ring, river, road, rod, roll, roof, room, root, rough, round, rub, rule, run


sad, safe, sail, salt, same, sand, say, scale, school, science, scissors, screw, sea, seat, second, secret, secretary, see, seed, selection, self, send, seem, sense, separate, serious, servant, sex, shade, shake, shame, sharp, sheep, shelf, ship, shirt, shock, shoe, short, shut, side, sign, silk, silver, simple, sister, size, skin, skirt, sky, sleep, slip, slope, slow, small, smash, smell, smile, smoke, smooth, snake, sneeze, snow, so, soap, society, sock, soft, solid, some, son, song, sort, sound, south, soup, space, spade, special, sponge, spoon, spring, square, stamp, stage, star, start, statement, station, steam, stem, steel, step, stick, still, stitch, stocking, stomach, stone, stop, store, story, strange, street, stretch, sticky, stiff, straight, strong, structure, substance, sugar, suggestion, summer, support, surprise, such, sudden, sun, sweet, swim, system


table, tail, take, talk, tall, taste, tax, teaching, tendency, test, than, that, the, then, theory, there, thick, thin, thing, this, thought, thread, throat, though, through, thumb, thunder, ticket, tight, tired, till, time, tin, to, toe, together, tomorrow, tongue, tooth, top, touch, town, trade, train, transport, tray, tree, trick, trousers, true, trouble, turn, twist


umbrella, under, unit, use, up


value, verse, very, vessel, view, violent, voice


walk, wall, waiting, war, warm, wash, waste, watch, water, wave, wax, way, weather, week, weight, well, west, wet, wheel, when, where, while, whip, whistle, white, who, why, wide, will, wind, window, wine, wing, winter, wire, wise, with, woman, wood, wool, word, work, worm, wound, writing, wrong




year, yellow, yes, yesterday, you, young




1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 100000, 10000000

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