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Chinese translation from Modern English to Chinese dictionary online for the word guy:Hear the English word audio
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Close Match and Related Words
the guy 那家伙
傍大款 傍大款 bang da kuan ; to date a rich guy ;
凡夫 凡夫 fan fu ; common person ; ordinary guy ; mortal man ;
北方佬 北方佬 bei fang lao ; northerner ; guy from the north ; Yankee ;
型男 型男 xing nan ; fashionable and good-looking guy (slang) ;
墊背 垫背 dian bei ; funerary mat ; fig . to serve as scape-goat ; to act as fall guy for sb else's misdemeanors ;
壞家伙 坏家伙 huai jia huo ; bad guy ; scoundrel ; dirty bastard ;
壯士 壮士 zhuang shi ; hero ; fighter ; brave strong guy ; warrior (in armor) ;
家伙 家伙 jia huo5 ; household dish , implement or furniture ; domestic animal ; guy (slang) ; chap ;
帥哥 帅哥 shuai ge5 ; handsome guy ;
幸運兒 幸运儿 xing yun er ; winner ; lucky guy ; person who always gets good breaks ;
廝 厮 si ; mutually ; with one another ; manservant ; boy servant ; guy (derog.) ;
惡徒 恶徒 e tu ; hoodlum ; bad guy ;
有權勢者 有权势者 you quan shi zhe ; person in power ; the one with authority ; the guy in charge ;
阿凡提 阿凡提 A fan ti ; Effendi , wily and fearless hero of Uighur folk tales ; smart guy ;

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