Tamilcube dictionary search tips

Mobile dictionaries : For a convenient search from your mobile devices such as a mobile phone or a tablet, use the popular mobile dictionaries available at Tamilcube Mobile.

Fonts : Tamilcube dictionaries use unicode fonts. So, you need not install any specific font to use it.

Single words : Use single words and present tense instead of phrases or multiple words. The search automatically shows you the phrases containing the word.

Root words : Search for root words instead of derived words. For example, search for 'come' instead of 'coming'.

Singular words : Search for singular words instead of plural. For example, search for 'tiger' instead of 'tigers'.

Word suggestion : If you are not sure of the complete spelling of a word, you can simply start typing the first few letters of the word. The dictionary will suggest you related words which you can easily choose and find the meaning.

Spelling Correction : The dictionaries show you English spelling suggestion. If you have made any spelling mistake, you will get a "Did you mean" word suggestion with correct spelling.

Highlight : In the search result, the search term is highlighted in yellow for your easy reference.

Relevance : The search results display the most relevent meanings first followed by related meanings.

Browse : Also, remember that you can browse the dictionaries alphabetically. However, the list for browsing diplays only a few basic words.