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Malayalam Alphabets

Below are the list of Malayalam vowels, consonants and their pronunciations to help you to learn Malayalam language easily.

Malayalam vowels
LetterVowel signVowel with [p] Unicode nameIPANote
  (pa) A a short 'a'
പാ (pā) AA long 'a'
ി പി (pi) I i short 'i'
പീ (pī) II long 'i'
പു (pu) U u short 'u'
പൂ (pu) UU long 'u'
പൃ (pr̥) VOCALIC R  
      VOCALIC L   obsolete/rarely used
പെ (pe) E e short 'e'
പേ (pē) E long 'e'
പൈ (pai) AI ai  
പൊ (po) O o short 'o'
പോ (pō) OO long 'o'
പൌ (pau) AU au  
Malayalam consonants
MalayalamUnicode NameTransliterationIPA
KA kk
KHA khkh
GA gg
GHA ghgɦ
NGA n̄ or ngŋ
CA c
CHA chh
JA j
JHA jhɦ
NYA ñ or nyɲ
TTA ṭ or ttʈ
TTHA ṭh or tthʈh
DDA ḍ or ddɖ
DDHA ḍh or ddhɖɦ
NNA ṇ or nnɳ
TA t
THA thh
DA d
DHA dɦ
NA n
PA pp
PHA phph
BA bb
BHA bhbɦ
MA mm
YA yj
RA r
LA ll
VA vʋ
SHA ś or shɕ
SSA ṣ or ssʃ
SA ss
HA hɦ
LLA ḷ or llɭ
LLLA ḻ or lllɹ
RRA ṟ or rr


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