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English translation from Modern English to English dictionary online for the word spin:Hear the English word audio
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Close Match and Related Words
Spin : (n.) The act of spinning ; as , the spin of a top ; a spin a bicycle .
Spin : (n.) Velocity of rotation about some specified axis .
Spin : (v. i.) To move round rapidly ; to whirl ; to revolve , as a top or a spindle , about its axis .
Spin : (v. i.) To move swifty ; as , to spin along the road in a carriage , on a bicycle , etc .
Spin : (v. i.) To practice spinning ; to work at drawing and twisting threads ; to make yarn or thread from fiber ; as , the woman knows how to spin ;
Spin : (v. i.) To stream or issue in a thread or a small current or jet ; as , blood spinsfrom a vein .
Spin : (v. t.) To cause to turn round rapidly ; to whirl ; to twirl ; as , to spin a top .
Spin : (v. t.) To draw out , and twist into threads , either by the hand or machinery ; as , to spin wool , cotton , or flax ; to spin goat's hair ; t
Spin : (v. t.) To draw out tediously ; to form by a slow process , or by degrees ; to extend to a great length ; -- with out ; as , to spin out large
Spin : (v. t.) To form (a web , a cocoon , silk , or the like) from threads produced by the extrusion of a viscid , transparent liquid , which hardens
Birl : (v. t. & i.) To revolve or cause to revolve ; to spin .
Birl : (v. t. & i.) To revolve or cause to revolve ; to spin .
Epeira : (n.) A genus of spiders , including the common garden spider (E. diadema). They spin geometrical webs. See Garden spider .
Gut : (n.) The sac of silk taken from a silkworm (when ready to spin its cocoon) , for the purpose of drawing it out into a thread. This , when dry ,
Mygale : (n.) A genus of very large hairy spiders having four lungs and only four spinnerets. They do not spin webs , but usually construct tubes in t

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