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Under : (a.) Lower in position , intensity , rank , or degree ; subject ; subordinate ; -- generally in composition with a noun , and written with or
Under : (adv.) In a lower , subject , or subordinate condition ; in subjection ; -- used chiefly in a few idiomatic phrases ; as , to bring under , to
Under : (prep.) Below or lower , in place or position , with the idea of being covered ; lower than ; beneath ; -- opposed to over ; as , he stood und
Under : (prep.) Denoting relation to some thing or person that is superior , weighs upon , oppresses , bows down , governs , directs , influences powe
Under : (prep.) Denoting relation to something that comprehends or includes , that represents or designates , that furnishes a cover , pretext , prete
Under : (prep.) Denoting relation to something that exceeds in rank or degree , in number , size , weight , age , or the like ; in a relation of the l
Under : (prep.) Less specifically , denoting the relation of being subject , of undergoing regard , treatment , or the like ; as , a bill under discus
Under-age : (a.) Not having arrived at adult age , or at years of discretion ; hence , raw ; green ; immature ; boyish ; childish .
Under-arm : (a.) Done (as bowling) with the arm not raised above the elbow , that is , not swung far out from the body ; underhand. Cf. Over-arm and R
Under-garment : (n.) A garment worn below another .
-in : A suffix. See the Note under -ine .
Abaca : (n.) The Manila-hemp plant (Musa textilis); also, its fiber. See Manila hemp under Manila.
Abacus : (n.) The uppermost member or division of the capital of a column, immediately under the architrave. See Column.
Abdominales : (n. pl.) A group including the greater part of fresh-water fishes, and many marine ones, having the ventral fins under the abdomen behin
abjure v. To recant, renounce, repudiate under oath.

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