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Punjabi translation from Modern English to Punjabi dictionary online for the word Edge:Hear the English word audio
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Close Match and Related Words
ÁB ਆਬ Water , Gúláb , rose-water) ; splendour , elegance , brilliancy , dignity ; lustre (in gems) , temper (of steel , &c .) , edge , sharpness (of a sword , &c .):—áb-dáṉá , Provision , drink and food:—áb-dár , Brilliant , polished , of good water (as g
BÁḌH ਬਾਢ The edge of a cutting instrument ; cutting ; excess in eating ; Váḍh .
BÁṚ ਬਾਡ਼ Edge , margin , a fence , a hedge ; a line (of soldiers):—báṛ jháṛní , To fire a volley , to fire by pla- toons ;— A cotton plant ; Váṛ .
BÁṚH ਬਾਡ਼੍ਹ The edge of a sword , or knife ; the cord stretched between the two sets of spokes of a spinning wheel , forming a base for the band .
BHARWANNÍ ਭਰਵੱਨੀ A block of wood , in the centre of which a small hollow is made , into which the axle of the horizontal wheel fits and revolves . On the edge of the Bharwanní one end of the axle of the vertical wheel also rests and revolves .
BIḌḌH ਬਿੱਢ The pieces of wood set obliquely at the edge of a well to support the wheel on which the rope runs (when one piece of wood with a fork is used , it is called kuhíṛ) ; bulk , size .
BÍNÍ ਬੀਨੀ The nose of any thing ; the flat of a book , pocket book ; the piece of wood attached to the edge of one leaf of a door on the outside which over- laps the other leaf also ; the guard of a sword .
CHAS ਚਸ Sharpness , keenness , an edge as of a knife or razor ; beauty , taste ; show:—chasdár , Sharp , keen , beautiful , bright , showy , tasteful .
CHOP ਚੋਪ A kind of red cotton shawl with a silk embroidered edge worn by women .
DHÁR ਧਾਰ A line , a stream , a current ; milk (pl . dháráṇ) ; the ridge of a mountain ; the edge of a sword , knife , &c . ; urine ;— A sheep-run ;—s . An exclamation used for crying help ; Báhuṛí:—dhár or dháráṇ deṉá , To cause to drink the milk of a buf
kanee: edge , hem , end , border
Kinaaraa: bank , rim , edge , border , margin
ਉਸਤਰਿਆਂ ਦੀ ਮਾਲ਼ਾ a crown or bed of thorns , razor's edge , a difficult or hazardous job
ਕੰਢਾ edge ; bank ਦਰਿਆ ਦੇ ਕੰਢੇ ਰੁੱਖ ਬਹੁਤ ਦੇਰ ਨਹੀਂ ਟਿਕਦੇ।
ਗੋਟਾ a decorative lace applied on the edge of ladies wear usually in golden or silver color ਦੁਲਹਨ ਨੇ ਗੋਟੇ ਵਾਲੀ ਚੁੰਨੀ ਲਈ ਸੀ।

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